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Be More Programme

New ways to feel confident and
resilient in an uncertain world

Be More
Do More
Achieve More

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Tomorrow's winners are doing things differently today

Would you like to perform at your best sustainably when taking on new challenges? Find the confidence you’ve been looking for?  Succeed in an increasingly pressurised world?

We teach people new skills that increase their capacity to handle new challenges and pressures.  Leading companies are already investing in these skills, increasing resilience, confidence and performance. 

Our Be More Programme uses practical, scientifically-proven techniques that boost performance, confidence and resilience, helping people succeed in tough jobs. Our methods build motivation and a “can do” outlook, creating a culture of vitality and success. 

Measurable benefits

Client organisations use the Be More Programme to build team performance and to help them thrive while delivering change or responding to tough challenges. Be More can be used in different ways.  It's ideal as part of a wider talent development programme.  It’s also a great programme to run ahead of any major change, such as a reorganisation or a significant new project.  

Our clients see measurable improvements across a range of indicators, including resilience, confidence, positivity and optimism. All of which enable delivery of superior results.

What's involved

Our Be More programme offers delegates a valuable opportunity to improve their confidence and resilience.  It’s packed with tools, techniques, tips and practical guidance. 

Usually an in-house course, it comprises 4 sessions with one session every two or three weeks.  Typical groups are between 8 and 16 people.. The sessions are a dynamic mix of activities designed to get results from day one, embedding a suite of skills that leave delegates inspired and equipped to tackle the challenges of their job.  

We can tailor the delivery of the Be More programme to fit your development aims and ways of working. We can also mix and match with parts of our other solutions to give you a bespoke programme targeted to meet your specific outcomes.

Open Courses

Our successful “Be More” programme is now available as an open course.  Run over two days, it’s packed with tools, techniques, tips and practical guidance.


Please contact us for details of our next Be More Programme 

Contact us for more information and to discuss how our Be More Programme
could help you and your organisation.

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