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A new approach to beating stress at work

Lift Programme

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The most useful things for me were: techniques to cope better – in fact, thrive, belief you can change for the better with relatively simple steps and the evidence /research demonstrating effects of positive psychology.


Beating Stress, increasing Performance

Stress at work can be devastating for the individual. Work-related stress, anxiety or depression now accounts for over half of all working days lost due to ill health in Great Britain.


The LIFT Programme rebuilds confidence and resilience, giving delegates long term solutions to stress at work. Scientifically proven and with measurable benefits, the tools and techniques are easy to learn, work from day one and last a career lifetime.

  • Delegates beat stress and regain confidence

  • Managers build strong teams

  • HR leaders provide an effective solution

  • The business gets a win:win

Stress: Hidden impacts, hidden costs

Stress costs business much more than simply lost working days.  It impacts on performance and productivity across the whole team and adds significant management load.   

ChangeWave can help you tackle the impact and cost of stress. Our LIFT Programme is a flexible, short course enabling people to develop their capability to deal positively with stress, equipping them with the mindset and tools required to make lasting, positive change.

Based on the latest developments in positive psychology and neuro science, the tools and techniques we teach are scientifically proven to get results, building confidence and resilience.

Client organisations use these techniques to turn-around work over-load situations, to solve stress related absenteeism, presenteeism, low staff engagement, low morale and resistance to change. They also see higher levels of staff satisfaction, communication effectiveness and productivity. 

Read our case study here

Measurable benefits

Our clients see measurable improvements across a range of indicators, including stress, anxiety, wellbeing and resilience.


What's involved

Our LIFT programme runs over 4 sessions, usually over a total period of eight weeks. We run programmes for groups of typically between 8 to 16 people. The programmes are very practical, allowing time for delegates to practise and develop the techniques and skills they learn.

Open Courses

From time to time, we run the LIFT programme as an open course. Run over four sessions it’s packed with tools, techniques, tips and practical guidance.

Contact us for more information and to discuss how our Lift Programme can  increase your people’s capacity to handle stress. 

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