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Executive and career coaching

One to One Coaching

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Rosie was absolutely brilliant. My confidence was rock bottom. By the time I'd finished my sessions with Rosie I was a different woman - ready to take on the world! Two years later my business is going from strength to strength.

Kate McDougle

Kate McDougle Consulting


Achieve your full potential and flourish

One to One Coaching with ChangeWave is a highly personalised and confidential service for successful leaders. It gives them the support to make a step change to deliver on major challenges and to respond quickly and flexibly to demanding situations.

If challenges are pushing you near to the limits of your experience, confidence and ability then our impactful and insightful coaches will help you see and do what’s needed to be successful. Importantly, coaching provides you with space to think and a confidential sounding board focused on your success. It lets you explore and create solutions to issues that you need to resolve.

Our straight-talking, practical and intelligent coaching speeds up the rate at which you unleash your potential into performance, producing:

  • Clarity of leadership thought, vision and action

  • Confidence

  • Better and faster decisions

  • Higher personal effectiveness

  • Smoother operations

Apart from the benefits for the individual, coaching delivers for the organisation. Leaders who have been coached:

  • Develop stronger trust, rapport and working relationships

  • Communicate and lead with confidence

  • Save valuable time and money.

  • Improve the bottom line

What's involved?

Our One to One coaching programmes normally comprise between 3 and 6 sessions and most clients prefer to meet monthly. Coaching goals are agreed at the start and tracked throughout the programme. These may include specific goals set by the coaching sponsor or line manager and agreed by the coachee. However, every coaching session is completely confidential and focuses on the coachee’s specific agenda for that meeting.

Contact us for more information and to discuss how our One-to-One
can unlock the potential in your leaders. 

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