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Strategy Development

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The structured strategic thinking process you brought us was excellent. We remained the architects of our strategy throughout. It made us think wider than our immediate interests and focused on creating sustainable strong growth. As a result our business is forging ahead as planned, we understand where the growth opportunities are and we are delivering on these.

General Manager

Software Services Company

Your strategy is your business

As a business leader you need the right strategy to drive your business forward.

Don’t outsource your strategic thinking to someone else! Your strategy should be yours, built on your knowledge and understanding of the world in which you operate in. It can be useful to seek specialist knowledge elsewhere, but nobody is more expert or passionate about your business than you and your team.

That’s where we come in. We bring you the means to leverage your team’s experience, knowledge and passion to develop a strategy that is uniquely yours and which inspires and drives your team. Your strategy designed for your market opportunities and challenges.

Get on Track and Stay on Track

Drive Your Business forward

You’ll get comprehensive and practical outputs:

  • An effective strategy you believe in, with clear, compelling reasons to do it; that you can explain to anyone

  • Your implementation plan including how to make best use of the resources from all levels in your organisation

  • Your communication plan to get buy-in from key stakeholders

  • Your leadership team experiencing a common purpose, increased trust and everyone’s commitment to make it happen

  • The compelling reasons and touchstone ideas to keep the whole organisation aligned with the strategic intent

Our Strategy Development process takes your top team through a strategy “dialogue”. With our scenario planning approach you develop and test potential strategies against alternative futures that include all the challenges and uncertainties of the real world. You and your team develop a visionary and robust strategy that will stand up to whatever the future holds.

The process is rigorous and builds strong understanding and alignment between senior team members. You all know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how it can be realised.

Our track record of great results comes from our core capabilities of strategic thinking and challenge, great team facilitate built on a well-tried and proven process.

Our Strategy Stress Test takes you through a condensed version of our Strategy Development process.  It’s designed to help you validate an existing strategy or adapt one that isn’t delivering. 

What's involved

Our clients often comment about how we create an environment where this is a positive experience, making challenging conversations and hard decisions easier. This allows the leader and each member of the team to participate fully.  It encourages the team to bring their own thinking and to challenge each other productively.

Our strategy processes are great for developing the right strategy with a team that is motivated to deliver it.  As the thinking is done “in-house” the ownership is very high and the development bill is very low.

Our clients tell us how building a shared vision of the future is inspiring and motivational. It really aligns the top team behind the strategy. The processes build trust, ownership and real commitment to make it happen, giving you the best possible chance of success.

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